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Rehersal Studio

With a live room acoustically treated it only makes sense to use it as a rehearsal space. Contact us to arrange a viewing or to talk to us about the available slots that we have within the month.

Rehearsal Studio: Services

Gear Listing/Services

  • Acoustically treated room

  • Full range PA system with a Dynacord 1600 Power-mate mixing desk

  • Marshall stack (JCM 2000 DSL)

  • Marshall JCM 2000 TSL combo

  • Marshall AVT 275 combo

  • Ampeg bass amp

  • Roland Td-9 V-drumkit 

  • Vocal mics and stands

  • In ear mixes

  • Live recording session

  • Mini kitchen

  • Central heating

  • Wifi

  • Toilets

Rehearsal Studio: Services
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